Designer : Yash Baheti
The designer. Did all jQuery, CSS, AJAX, HTML and Photoshop work.
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Coder : Praateek Mahajan
The coder. Did all coding stuff : PHP and MySQL.
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Script lilURL
The credit goes to lilURL as well because this is a Opensource URL Shortener which also inspired us to make a better url shortener. lilURL script just had 4 files (PHP) whereas script has 25+ files(PHP). We used their lilurl.php file as base and we have modified that file to core. Thanks a ton to lilURL's creator.
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Ritvik Sachdev
The man with hosting. Helped us fix some bugs.
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Gautam Gupta
Gave Praateek an Idea how Wordpress Plugin work.
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Ryan Faerman
Twitter Search API for PHP. We took the script provided on his blog.
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